What You Should Research Before Your Product Ever Launches

If you have a product then you should never just launch it without doing proper research. In this article I am going to discuss what you need to research before you think about launching your product.


It goes without saying that you should never create a product let alone launch it unless you know there is demand for it. If you know that there are people who need and want your particular product then you have a rough idea that it should be successful.


However, just because people want something doesn’t necessarily mean they are prepared to pay for it and therefore you also need to make sure that people are willing to spend money to get what you are offering.

A good way to find this out is to see if similar products to yours are already making money. If you visit any online book store and have a look at the nonfiction books on topics that are the same as your product, if you find that there are plenty of books and the people have added reviews then you know that people are actually spending money to find out about that topic.

Making sure that your product has the best chances of being profitable is absolutely critical.

Online Visibility

Once you are convinced that your product idea will be profitable you need to make sure that there are people online that you can get visibility to. In this article I am talking about launching your product online and therefore you need to make sure that your target market are already hanging out somewhere online.

You won’t sell anything unless you can get visibility to your offer and therefore you need to find out where your ideal customers are and begin to get involved wherever that is.

This might be in a forum, discussion group, article directory, on YouTube, wherever they are online you need to get involved.


Decide how you are going to communicate with your target market and if you’re going to build an email list where you can easily communicate with them. Offering a free gift that is related to your product idea is a good way for people to sign up to your email list. Not only are you offering something valuable to your potential subscribers you are also finding out if people actually want this information.

This is important because the more people you get to sign up to your list the more people you will be able to target your product to knowing that they are already interested in this particular topic. Therefore your free gift must be related to your actual product.

Once you have done this research and you know that your product is likely to be profitable and you already have a list of subscribers who have shown interest in your products topic then you can think about launching that specific product.

Our Present Painful and Serious Financial Crisis Could Be Speedily Corrected by Such Wise Leaders

There are times when strong clear and specific leadership is required, especially when a nation is in real trouble and they were at that time. In the book of Nehemiah we learn so much about wise responsible practical leadership. I am writing from my reading of Nehemiah Chapter 9 which contains one of the longest prayers in the Bible. Do check out the actual text. That is always wise and can have its own very special rewards.

In prayer the people address God and say, “You have kept your promise, because You are righteous. You saw the suffering, and YOU see the suffering. You saw and You heard. You are a miracle working God.

You lead your people. Do not we who are among the people of God still need strong clear leadership in these present times?

You speak and You give laws that are just and Right. You provide. We are learning here so much of the greatness of God and the goodness of God.

You told your people to go in and take possession of the land, but then sin came and our forefathers refused to obey You. Sin is one of the few great unmentionable words today. People can become very embarrassed when anyone talks about sin. Euphemisms are used to hide the reality of what is basically sin.

But, You are a forgiving GOD, and You do not desert your people, even when they desert You. It is a most wonderful thing to know that Almighty God will never forsake you and leave you on your own. The focus of the prayer is the marvellous mercy and grace of God.

The Holy Spirit was with them, to instruct them, even when they had no time nor desire for instruction. When we reach verse 21 we read that God sustained this rebellious obstinate people, and He them lands and nations.

This Prayer is grounded in Scripture. Note how often “YOU” is mentioned. The prayer is God-centred.

You were so good to these YOUR PEOPLE. God is faithful, but alas His people are unfaithful. God is consistent but His people are inconsistent. God is reliable, but His people are unreliable.

At verse 26, we come to man’s sin. When the situation became tough and unbearable, You came and rescued and delivered. It was all compassion, and that compassion made You raise up leaders. We have the settling in the land and then reference is made to the times of the Judges or Leaders raised up by God, and then the Monarchy.

But sin reared its ugly head and it happened all over again. The people paid no attention to the prophets God sent, and they say in verse 32, that what we have been through we have deserved. All this suffering is because of our sins.

But they had gathered in prayer to sort it all out, and to do so in a very real and practical manner, and all this recorded to teach us and perhaps help us avoid the pitfalls. It can be valuable to take time to review history. We read here of the horrendous and awesome consequences of ingratitude and rebellion, and the inevitability of punishment, but there is hope for the future. The present painful harvest is a product of a rebellious past, but it can also be the seed for the future.

A biblical view of history makes us neither wide-eyed optimists nor downhearted pessimists, but realists. There are no excuses here, just plain honest confession.

As soon as we say “I was wrong” forgiveness and cleansing and healing restoration will flood such people! This was indeed a serious hour and it goes right through into Chapter 10.

Some may wish to return to the Law of God if only for verse 31, but it has to be the whole law, the law of Christ for us, the law of mercy and grace and power!

When debt is such a massive problem here is a marvellous jewel of truth.

The people state how they are going to assume responsibility. There follows a whole lengthy list of promises, with that solemn word at the end of Chapter 10.

This kind of commitment arises from the clear anointed exposition of the Word of God, but such genuine commitment takes courage. Do you this quality of courage for these dark financial times when many are hurting?

Nehemiah and Ezra gave such positive leadership and this amazing harvest resulted. Some may despise, ridicule or scorn such leadership but it worked and the circumstances were remedied!

I write this when the western world is experiencing a financial crisis as a result of greed and immorality and selfishness and horrendous planning. It could all be corrected reasonably speedily if we listened attentively and seriously to men like Nehemiah and Ezra.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Bookmark Printing Presents a Great Opportunity to Cash in Your Business Activity

Bookmark printing presents a great scope to achieve the attention of travelers during holiday trips. Several of the tourists move around and carry books to read during journeys and every book has a bookmark in it. Customer influx is automatic if we produce attractive and colorful bookmarks. Most of the bookmarks carry names of hotels and holiday resorts or travel agencies, which get noticed by vacationers. If you are in same kind of business, it is wise to invest in bookmarks printing to get your business well advertised.

You can also use this bookmark as a discount voucher for your hotel or curio shop or any other kind of store, which tourist generally need during the holiday trips. If the bookmark contains a special bargain offer on garments or hats or sunglasses or photography equipment that is available at your store, you can expect a brisk sale during the holiday season. Many travel agencies offer discounts in fares for the site seeing trips and make good profit in this time of the year.

The discount voucher part may be torn out during the purchase of an article, but the remaining part of the bookmark still supports the publicity of your business. You get a continued advertising effect of your brand when you choose the option of bookmark printing.

We should always use this wonderful tool to be in the business and get maximum output in profit value with negligible investment. The holiday season presents a great opportunity to cash in the business activity of several kinds.

Insist on colorful and attractive bookmarks printing and add a commercial value to it to make the best use of this tiny tool of advertising. You are sure to gain business profit from the presence of touring public.