Presentations – Write a Presentation That Won’t Put Them to Sleep

Nearly every professional calling will result in you being called upon at some point to give a presentation. Whether you’re training personnel, presenting results of a project, selling an idea, or making an annual report, the quality of your work will be judged in part by the quality of your presentation of that work. The following three points will help you plan and perfect a presentation that will keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Rivet Them with Content

Absolutely the most important aspect of your presentation is its content. No amount of flashy visual effects can mask or compensate for a lack of relevant, riveting content. Before you map out your presentation, make a few notes for yourself, focusing your own attention on the goals you have in mind for your communication.

• What facts are critical to include? When you’ve completed a first “draft” of your presentation, check it against your list to make sure you’ve covered all the salient points.
• What outcome or effect are you aiming for? Sale of an idea or product? Buy-in for a proposed project? Continued funding? Increased productivity in your workplace? Whatever your desired outcome, check each portion of your presentation to ask whether it will further your goal.
• What context or connections should be drawn so your audience understands how this content is relevant to them? If your presentation is a training session for employees, help them see the “bigger picture” of how they, as individuals, will benefit from the changes being instigated. If your goal is a sale of any sort, help your audience see how they stand to gain from investing in your idea or your product.

By giving your audience a reason to be interested in what you have to offer, your presentation can do a great deal of your work for you. You won’t have to fight for their attention if they want to hear what you have to say.

Entertain them with (Judicious use of) Visual Aids

Perhaps the most common mistake among rookie presenters is the over-use of flashy visual effects. Optimally, the presentation software you choose should be used to make it easier for your audience to follow the ideas you want to convey, and to add interest to your delivery of those ideas–without distracting from the content you wish to communicate. While PowerPoint is an “old standby” among presentation software, you may wish to experiment with some of the formats offered by newer software; a resource like Presentation Magazine can help you sift through your options and choose the platform best suited to the message you want to deliver.

Whatever software you choose, and whatever visual effects you add to it, be sure to become very comfortable with it before your presentation. Almost nothing distracts from a speech more thoroughly than interruptions by “technical difficulties.” Be sure you can navigate through your presentation, be comfortable with your projecting set-up, and do some basic trouble-shooting for any common mishaps that may happen with the software you’re using.

Performing Your Presentation

When it comes time to deliver, you’re bringing two separate assets to your meeting or seminar: the physical presentation (software slides, handouts, etc.) and your active performance of that presentation. You’ll have small hope of finding an engaged audience if you are not, yourself, engaging in your delivery. Be comfortable with your content, be ready to answer questions not covered in your prepared materials, and make a point to be “On” (smiling, enthusiastic, humorous) while you’re in the spotlight. Don’t simply read from your slides; your audience can do that for themselves. Rather, use the slides to highlight important facts or ideas, and to guide you through the delivery of the full presentation.

If you present yourself–and your material–as well put-together, confident and comfortable, your audience will have confidence in what they’re hearing. Make sure the content is relevant to them, and make it enjoyable for them to hear it–you’ll have wide-awake listeners even in the back row.

Presenting a Jade Gift

People often buy Jade gifts to express their feelings. Because it is not only material goods, but also is the spirit of the product. Since ancient times, the Jade has the meaning of energy, health, wealth and long life. All the more, it is a symbol of the stable love between husband and wife. More and more young person use the Jade as gifts to express good wishes and hope

Let us tell two stories about presenting Jade gifts. Mr. John is a manager of a big company. with the birthday of his father coming, he got worrying. That is because he did not how to choose a gift for his father. Since he got married last year, he and his wife moved out to live in a new house. As he is very busy in company, and had less holidays to visit his parents. Even sometimes, he must travel in foreign countries for business. Occasionally, he read a essay of a magazine, and got some suggestions about gifts. Jade gift is a good way to present gifts. At the birthday of his father, Mr. John showed a Jade gift to all guests. Everyone was attracted by it. The Jade gift just expressed the love of Mr. John to his parents. They smiled happily.

Another story happened in the bridal couple. Because of different personality, Mr. Mike often argued with his wife in daily life after wedding. When he come back home, the air was tense. In order to get a harmony of family, Mr. Mike always wanted to buy a gift for his wife. So that he can apologize for his impolite words. One day, when he went to shopping in a downtown. He saw a petty Jade ornament between a lot of gifts. He picked it up at once. At a romantic supper with candles. Mr. Mike presented the Jade gift to his wife, and then said some warm words. From that time, they seldom argue with each other.

From two stories above, we can learn that maybe it is right to choose a Jade gift. Every good Jade gift is carved out by hand, it stands for a meaning of real love.

Custom Presentation Folders Are an Authentic Business Product

Everyone uses folders for one purpose or another. Their utility and advantages have made them a popular item in the market for business purposes. They are great for managing documents. In fact, they are the best tool to manage documents in offices and business circles. They come in many varieties. Among them is the presentation folder which is used extensively by many sectors other than business.

The folders are designed in an easy manner. As their job is basically to manage documents, they need no difficult or complex composition. They are produced from a single sheet of paper or plastic which is folded ion the centre to give it the most common shape of double panel. It can also be folded twice to give it a shape of three panels. Almost all the presentation folders are produced using this method.

The best way to find top class printing products is to find an online printing company that provides the services required by the customer. There are many companies that provide folder printing services to their customers, both online and offline. The quality of their services can be judged from many things. Their customer’s list, product portfolio, experience, variety, and pricing factor may be important in this regard.

To make the quality better, printing companies utilize all the top class tools and technologies required for the best printing. The may use full color CMYK printing process to produce outstanding colors. They can also use other value added services to produce a top class custom presentation folder. These include the foil stamping, embossing, debossing and the use of vinyl material. Moreover, the folders can also be laminated with glossy or matte finish.

Customers are also given the chance of making changes to their products so that they may have the final say in the making of their products. They can change almost anything of their products. From colors to shapes and from designs to printing quality, everything can be modified to get the best presentation folders.